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Tropik Take Home

Healthy Smoothies and Nutritious Loaded Iced Teas

We’ll bring Tropik to you!

Loaded Iced Teas

Nutritional Loaded Iced Tea – Take Home Pack

Grab yourself a Loaded Iced Tea Take Home Pack and keep yourself Refreshed, Energised and Tropikal anywhere, anytime!

Take Home Smoothie

Nutritional Breakfast Combo – Take Home Pack

It’s your breakfast on the go, the Smoothie and Loaded Iced Tea combo – with three flavours of each to choose from.

Sports Pack

Sports Reload – Take Home Pack

Restore the balance and fuel your inner athlete with our Sports Reload Take Home Pack – perfect before, during and after a workout.

Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure – Take Home Pack

Start your recovery from the couch with our Tropik Hangover Cure Take Home Pack. Packed with goodness to help your head.